Video Samples

The video selections below show the variety, range and versatility of Bryan Schimmel’s talents as a composer, arranger and orchestrator from rock and pop, to theatrical and dramatic, to swing and funk, to symphonic and filmic.

HIP HOP SWAN LAKE, BEETHOVEN 5.1 and MOZART MEETS METAL are examples of Schimmel’s penchant for taking themes of classical music and fusing them other musical worlds.

The M-NET 25 BIRTHDAY MAGIC MEDLEY displays Schimmel’s gift for connecting a multitude of unrelated pieces into a connective, cohesive, logical musical sequence. The is further evidenced in THE BAND VS ORCHESTRA DUEL.

Original compositions include: M-NET LOGO Sting; SUN CITY MUSIC VIDEO - while composed over twenty years ago, shows Schimmel’s ability to compose both music and lyrics for a specific brief. The NOKIA LUMIA LAUNCH is an innovative example of creating a percussion composition using ordinary everyday objects.

CLOSE EVERY DAY shows off Schimmel’s knack for turning a well known song on its head.

IN THE MOOD – SING SING SING is cheeky mashup of two swing era classics.

THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD, the BURT BACHARACH MEDLEY and TONIGHT are examples of Schimmel’s expert vocal arranging techniques.