The Flying Maestro

The idea for The Flying Maestro was sparked at the end of 2015 when Bryan Schimmel conducted a 40 piece orchestra in the Sun City Superbowl for Gary Player’s 80th Birthday. The event producer, Glen Beever, gave Schimmel a flying entrance from 15 metres above the stage to land in front of the orchestra. While rehearsing this, Schimmel wondered if there had ever been conductors who had ever conducted an orchestra while flying through the air performing aerial stunts. It would appear from his research that while there have been numerous aerial musicians, there does not seem to have been a conductor who has done this. So this year Schimmel faced his fear of heights and began training with Orlando Vargas and Marco Vargas at Art of Synergy, an aerial studio in Kyalami that specializes in training of aerial art and cirque-style acrobatics. Schimmel performed a showcase at the studio in June 2016. The video and photos on this page are all from the first showcase performance. This is a work in progress, and training continues as Schimmel works to develop and refine the act for future performance. He is aiming to do three performances of The Flying Maestro with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra in May 2017.